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How to Donate to St. Vincent de Paul in Davis



Venmo:  Coming soon!

Check: write check to “St. Vincent de Paul” and mail to “St. Vincent de Paul, 1275 B Street, Davis CA 95616”.

Popmoney, or Zelle: Send to stvdpdavistreas@gmail.For “Popmoney” or “Zelle” electronic transfers, do a search in your bank or credit union website to see if it is available. After you set up Popmoney or Zelle on your financial institution’s website or app, all you need to do is transfer funds to St. Vincent de Paul in Davis.


Donate Stock, Car or Boat — email stvdpdavistreas@gmailDonate an unneeded car or boat for a tax credit. Contact our treasurer.


You can also use your bank’s Bill Pay system. To send a check by BillPay, all you need is the same information needed for a check. Your bank website will tell you how to have a check sent. This can be one-time or recurring.

The St. James Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is a non-profit, charitable organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3)

The St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Conference in Davis, California is housed and sponsored by St. James Catholic Parish in Davis but is financially separate with a different bank account and Tax ID Number. If you wish to donate to SVdP, you must specifically donate to it. Tax ID: 45-0492351. 

Our email address is:  Also email our Treasurer at to let them know it’s coming. If you want a receipt or annual statement, email our treasurer at ST. JAMES PARISH DOES NOT PROVIDE RECEIPTS OR STATEMENTS FOR ST. VINCENT de PAUL DONATIONS.


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