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Temporary Emergency Assistance Helpline
 Call 530-979-4338
SVdP, St. James Conference

Linea directa para asistencia de emergencia

HOUSING- Do you need help with rent?

If you have received a 3-day "Pay or quit" notice from your apartment manager, call us immediately so there is time for us to respond to your needs. 

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 UTILITIES- Do you need help paying your utility bill?

If you have received an urgent notice from your utilities company to pay or face "disconnection of utility service" call us immediately so that we have time to respond.

Food - Call us (530-979-4338) and see "Resources" menu.


Additional food available in Davis vicinity:


Davis Night Market:   Click here:

Yolo County Food Bank:

Send text to     888777     and text     TOMATO     for food distribution in the Davis vicinity for the next 24 hours

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